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Simone Sello

Simone Sello, the mind behind MusicDemoProducer.com, started studying the guitar and the violin when he was about 10, and began his professional career right afterwards. He got to play with many international artists from Italy (his native country), and became the guitarist in the orchestra of the popular Sanremo Festival, where he played with several remarkable musicians, such as George Benson, Pat Metheny, Toots Thielemans, Ray Charles, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini, and many others.
In those years, he also co-arranged and produced the song "Non Ci Sto", which brought the singer Syria to win the contest associated with the Sanremo Festival in 1996.
He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he works as a music producer, session guitar player, songwriter, and journalist for music magazines. Here he has done session work with musicians like Billy Sheehan (bass player with David Lee Roth, Niacin, Mr. Big and solo artist), Aaron Carter and his brother Nick Carter, from Backstreet Boys , Kevon Edmonds (After7, Baby Face), Julia Fordham , Warren Cuccurullo (Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Duran Duran), Vasco Rossi and many others.
He also works in composing, playing and producing music for TV, movies and sound libraries.

Here is a more complete list of his past and present works and collaborations:

Studio work:
Various Artists - RCA: Metal Attack (1987)
Kaoma Do Brasil: Lambada (1990)
Clio`: Nati per correre via (1992)
Paideja: Venti Propizi (1994)
Lorella Cuccarini: Voci (1993); Voglia di Fare (1995)
Dedalo: Dedalo (1995)
Rottura: Rottura (1995)
Sandro Falbo: Fenomeni Apparenti (1995)
Enrico Sognato: Scambierei Le Figurine Con Chiunque (1995)
Rottura: Esorcismo Contro Satana E Gli Angeli Ribelli (12") (1995)
Dalfango: Fatu` (1995)
Michele Zarrillo: Come Uomo Fra Gli Uomini (1994); L'Elefante E La Farfalla (1996)
Syria: Non Ci Sto (1996); L'Angelo (1997)
Neri Per Caso: Strumenti (1996); Angelo Blu (2000)
Randy Roberts: Half 'n Half (1997)
Luca Lombardi: Luca Lombardi (1997)
Miriam Hernandez: Todo El Amor (1998)
Albano Carrisi: Il Nuovo Concerto (1998)
Davide Pettirossi: Grandi Spazi (1998)
Cartoon Boyfriend: Baby 2000 (1998); Nipples (2000)
Handel: Blood mix EP (1998)
Marina Rei: Anime Belle (1998); Un Inverno Da Baciare (1999)
Tigana: Tigana (1999)
Various Artists - Sony: Baila Hbibi Vol. 1 (1999)
Noisi: Carichi Eccezionali (2000)
Viva: Mi Corazon (2000)
Various Artists - Disney: La Vida Mickey (2000)
Ru Paul - ICEBOX: Queer Duck dance remix (2000)
Marco Missinato : Amore Italiano Vol 1 & 2 (2000)
Simonex: Sample This (2000)
Various Artists - Disney: Mickey`s Dance Party (2001)
Billy Sheehan: Compression (2001); Caroline (2001)
Various Artists - Disney: Pop Dreamers (2002)
Various Artists - Compression: Tequila Sunrise; Daiquiri; Cosmopolitan (2002)
Aaron Carter: Aaron`s Party live DVD (2002)
K.O.: So Happy (2003)
Various Artists - Disney: Superstar Kidz Vol. 1 (2003)
Andy Gridley: More Than Words (2004)
Various Artists - Disney: Superstar Kidz Vol. 2 (2004)
Dorian Cheah: Live At Sunset Room (2004)
Billy Sheehan: Cosmic Troubadour (2004)
Source music for the DVD of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004)
Robbie Wyckoff: Lose Control (2005)
Bibi: Bhani 2006
Zera Vaughan: Back To The Roots (2006)
Thomas Barquee: Thomas Barquee (2006)
Snatam Kaur: Anand (2006)
Heather Schmid : Goddess Within (2006)
Strange Gathering: The Lux (2006)
Hannah Montana: Hannah Montana 1 - Songs from the Hit TV series (2006)

Sat Hari: Singh (2007)
Various Artists - Disney: Swashbuckling Sea Songs (2007)
Devil`s Slingshot: Clinophobia (2007)
Sat Kartar: Listen (2007)
Various Artists: Cantemos El ABC (2007)
Kaiulani Kimbrell: Break Open (2007)
Sat Hari Singh: Servant Of The Earth (2007)
Hannah Montana: Hannah Montana 2 - Meet Miley Cyrus (2007)
Amana Melomè: Indigo Red (2008)
Vasco Rossi: Il Mondo Che Vorrei (2008)
Various Artists: ABC Daytime Love Affair (2008)
Snatam Kaur: Joy Is Now (2008)
Hannah Montana: Hits Remixed (2008)

Warren Cuccurullo: Playing In Tongues (2009)
Snatam Kaur: Liberation`s Door (2009)
Vasco Rossi: Tracks Inediti e Rarità (2009)
Billy Sheehan: Holy Cow (2009)
Tiromancino: L`Essenziale (2010)
Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants (2010)
Chicanery: Chicanery (2010)
Mafia Bianca Llc: I Am Changing (on "When In Rome" CD soundtrack, 2010)
Vasco Rossi: Vivere O Niente (2011)
Amber Lily: Coming To Life (2011)

Mitsubishi MIEV Japan (2006); Asahi Super Dry Japan (2007)
Disney Mobile commercials for Japan, featuring Hilary Duff:
A Dream Is A Wish
Mickey Mouse Club March

Live work:
Renato Zero (1989); Nino Buonocore (1992); Tullio De Piscopo (1993, 1995); My Brother & Me (1997); Aimee Rocca (1998); Orchestra di Fonopoli (1998, 1999) Kevon Edmonds (1999/2000); Billy Porter (2000); Aaron Carter (2001/2002); Julia Fordham (2002/2003); Tina Landon (2004); Club Legacy (2005); Imaginorkestra w Warren Cuccurullo and Terry Bozzio (2006); Missing Persons (2006); Diego Torres (2011)

TV shows:
Club '92 (1991/92); Sanremo Festival Orchestra (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997) Gelato Al Limone (1996) Appearances with various artists in: Donnie & Marie; The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; BET Live and others

TV placements:
Coming Attraction; 90210; True Hollywood
High Price Of Fame; How Do I Look; It`s Good To Be...
Love Chain; Original Special; Style Star
You`re Invited; Access Hollywood; Bernie Mac
Celebrities Uncensored; Cover Story; Fashion Police
Grammy Awards; Howard Stern; Live Countdown
On E; Take Me; Wild On
101 Biggest Celebrities; The Princes Of Malibu
and others

Video works (instructional):
Videomanuale di Cubase (1995) Videodizionario della Chitarra Rock (1996) L'improvvisazione nella Chitarra Rock (1997)

Ciac; Nova Musica; Universita` della Musica; Guitar C.A.P.

Chitarre; Strumenti Musicali; Rec&Play (1992- in progress)

Mauro Salvatori e Stefano Tavernese - Steve Vai. (1997 Arcana Ed.)
Simone Sello - Il fraseggio e l'improvvisazione nella Chitarra Rock (2001 Playgame)

Youngest Guns (2004); 4&1/4 (2007)

Ongoing work as a session musician and composer for TV and film music (Iron Mike Entertainment, Benair/Churchill, Kid Gloves, Magelic, Riz Ortolani, Nicola Piovani, Lalo Schifrin, Pippo Caruso, Gianfranco Lombardi, Renato Serio, Claudio Mattone)

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